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Self Employed

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Small Business

Let us be a partner of your success by taking care of the health of all your employees.

Why use DPC?

An affordable alternative to regular health care for individuals, Family, Self employed and Small businesses.
Direct Primary Care in Texas is dedicated to provided a new health care formula for the people of Texas. This health care model allows dispensation of affordable services directly to the patients for a monthly fee or on-demand visits.


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Services We Provide

We believe that care needs to be customized around your needs instead of bureaucracy. We promote convenient access to your direct primary care providers so that you control your health.

Sick Visits

Boost your metabolism and symptoms of chronic conditions such as Asthma, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and migraine.

Wellness Checkup

Verify your health status and treat minor issues. Don't let your health be a problem. We are here to help.

IV Hydration & Wellness Shots

Feel young and beautiful with our line of beauty & wellness injections. Yes it works. Result may vary per individuals.

Hormone Therapy

We offer multiple therapy programs to help you in libido enhancement, erectile dysfunction, Low T, hormone imbalance, etc..

Weight Loss Management

Let us be your partner in your weight loss journey. We can provide nutrition coaching and multiple services to help you keep the line.

Laboratory Testing

Perform your labwork with us for fast and quality results. We are your personal care so your health is our priority.
Big savings for the whole texans family.
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